rangoli 2

Hyderabad, Bangalore, India


3 thoughts on “rangoli 2

  1. Thank you so much for all these pictures – they are just wonderful! I felt happy to know that I was not the only one who looked at the Rangoli in front of every house I passed, even in speeding traffic!

    I no longer look up at the houses in residential areas anymore, I look down near the gate/entrance, eagerly trying to get a glimpse of the wonderful art that is Rangoli…

    Great website!

    • Thanks for the very encouraging and kind words – much appreciated! I have been fascinated and inspired by this amazing art form for many years. My friends in India chuckle and smile over my obsession with something so very common in their lives. It was a riotous fun time when I convinced some lady friends to teach me (as a western man) how to draw the designs – they just could not contain their laughter.!
      Tracking down different tribal designs and artistically documenting the endless variety is always a big part of my regular visits to south India.
      It’s encouraging to know that there’s at least one other person (you) out there who appreciates this beautiful art form!
      I haven’t been too active with my site dedicated to rangoli (dnikias.wordpress.com) but you have inspired me to pick up that thread again – thanks! I have self published a book on rangoli (see the side bar on any of my photo blogs) which has been very well received which I have used it in my teaching in Waldorf schools. I’m working on another book but it has been slow going with so many other projects in process – soon though I hope…
      Thanks so much for your encouragement and best of luck with your own site – I look forward to seeing more through your eyes!

  2. Wonderful… We seem to be kindred spirits! I can’t describe how happy I felt to see your comment yesterday.

    I love Rangoli, I am into my third book of hand-drawn Rangoli collection and I have lost track of how many Rangoli pictures I have on my mobile, laptop… My husband would say this love is bordering on obsession… 🙂

    But I am still in my baby steps with the website. I am learning WordPress and doing this, so it is going a little slow… still at the stage of trying out different themes.

    No worries, you have inspired me as well to keep at it, and make my dream a reality! Thank you.

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